Morgan Webb T1GN’s Gaming Goddess

Morgan Ailis Webb is host of the podcast WebbAlert (now defunct), a co-host and senior segment producer of the G4 show X-Play, and was a monthly columnist for FHM, where she contributed a monthly video game column entitled “Tips From The Gaming Goddess”. That is why who else is better suited to be a Gaming Goddess then then a hot intelligent woman that already considers herself one.

I don’t really know why I should tell anybody reading about Morgan Webb because you are all probably die hard G4 fans and Webbheads but I will anyway:

  1. Graduated from UC Berkley with a degree in rhetoric and a minor in Italian.
  2. Was a Gerber baby.
  3. Recited the ingredients of the Big Mac to Pat-a-Cake in a McDonald commercial.
  4. One of only a handful of employees to be allowed to stay on after the jump from Techtv to G4 (San Fransisco to LA).
  5. Married Rob Reid founder of on August 19, 2006.