Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Modern Warfare 2 Map Packs Confirmed

It looks like we are indeed getting 5 maps with March 30th’s Stimulus Package, 3 brand new maps and 2 fan favorites.

Infinity Ward and Activision are bring back the war-torn urban backdrop that is CRASH, and OVERGROWN known for the dry creek bed and the attic where everyone camps.  The 3 new maps are BAILOUT, STORM AND SALVAGE.

BAILOUT, will bring the fight into a multi-level apartment complex, I for one can not wait for the close-quarter fire fights.  A huge industrial park littered with scrap metal and heavy machinery will be the setting for STORM.  Lastly we head to the frozen tundra of SALVAGE where a snow covered junkyard filled with crushed cars and stacked debris will round out the maps.

I know that I for one am happy to finally be able to break up the monotony of the same 5 map that we have been getting.  There is nothing better than playing HIGHRISE then ESTATE than getting HIGHRISE again.

::UPDATE 03/14/10::

It has also been confirmed that the first DLC for Modern Warfare 2 will cost 1200 Microsoft point (which roughly equals $15.00 or more accurately $25, because you will have to either buy 2000 points or a 1000 and 500 points combo), and $14.99 on the Playstation Network.  I for one am not happy enough with the game to shell out another $25, so I will be waiting until there is some sort of a special deal to get it.

What do you think?

  • poontang

    about fukin time…i'm still not playing….bad company 2 is such a better game

    • I agree only because I hate the cheaters on COD: MW2, BUT they will slowly begin to lurch onto the servers of Bad Company

  • TheBionicAnkle

    I dont like Bad Company over COD but they are giving people things for free so i gotta give them a shot

  • TheBionicAnkle

    oh and might i add Stimulus package my ass its going to cost 360 players more money then it is worth and 15 dollars to help people in these tough times I can go buy full games from gamestop for that much

  • poontang

    what we dont kno about CoD is that they ripped off the multiplay level-up style from battlefront and claimed it as their own….F CoD