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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Naughty Bear Multiplayer

So tomorrow we will be seeing the release of Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) Naughty Bear.  I won’t lie I’m really excited about this game, it’s probably just the fact that I get to run around and killed teddy bears in the most ingenious of ways.

You play Naughty Bear, a bear how has a knack for causing mischief, and after being made fun of by the Normal Bears you set out on a mission of revenge.  Basically you are trying to kill all of them in cool original ways.  I didn’t really think a game like this could have a multiplayer aspect to it, but apparently I was wrong because here are some of the multiplayer modes:

Jelly Wars – A team of normal bears (Daddles, Cozy and Sunbeam) must locate and bring Jellies to a giant mixing machine in order to create the most awesome jelly ever, Naughty Bear however must do whatever it takes to stop them!

In this game mode the normal bears must protect each other, transport objects, call back up, repair objects and heal each other while Naughty will hit, maim and kill them, disable their objects and hide their Jellies.  To win either the normal bears have collected all the Jellies, or Naughty Bear who has killed everyone (I want to be Naughty Bear and kill everyone).

Cake Walk – In this mode, the only way to earn points is to hold onto the prized Glorious Golden Cupcake for as long as possible. Holding the cupcake puts the player at a disadvantage; his movement is slowed down, he cannot attack or defend himself and he becomes vulnerable to attack. The game usually starts with a crazy race to the prize and then, when someone has the cupcake, it’s a battle to keep hold of it for as long as possible.

Golden Oozy – This mode makes one player feel like a king as he faces off against all the other players with his golden oozy of “doom-ness”, a gun of extraordinary powerfulness. This special oozy has unlimited ammo and is exceptionally deadly. Killing with it is the only way to earn points in this mode. This unique scoring system makes players work as a team to hunt down the wielder and then backstab each other to claim the prized gun.  Whoever has the most kills wins.

Assault – This mode pits 2 teams of red and blue bears against each other in a cooperative/competitive setting. Each team starts in his “Base”. A Golden Unibear Statue appears in one of those bases and the corresponding team must protect it against the attacking team for 2 minutes. If the statue is destroyed the attacking team earns points, if it stays standing for the entire minute, the defending team earns points. After 2 minutes, the statue changes sides.  Each team can use any tactics they want to prevent the others from destroying their statue. The use of traps, barricades and hiding any weapons is highly recommended. The winner is the team that won the most rounds either defensively or offensively.

This sounds really bad ass I can’t wait to get my hands on it tomorrow.