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Naughty Bear Review

Is Naughty Bear really worth all the non-hype?  Can you really have a ton of fun beating the stuffing out of Care Bear rejects?  Read on to see…

I have had ample time to play this game, and I have to say I’m not overly impressed.  I’ll just come out and say it: Naughty Bear isn’t for everyone.  The main reason is it becomes severely repetitive.  Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes repetitive isn’t bad because the story can make up for and allows you to forget about that aspect of the game, but with Naughty Bear this is not the case.

At first glance this seems like a really cool original game; it’s great concept and simply just cannot fail.  Then you take that second glance and say to yourself, “What the f— was I thinking?”  You will spend a lot of time asking yourself while playing this game, “Why am I playing this?”  After about an hour, you’re pretty much done with the game for the day.  That being said, I have played it for a week.  I have battled the game freezing on me at least twice a day, as well as the urge to break the game because the game mechanics are pretty much shit and just sheer boredom.

The game is bright and vibrant, yet somehow bland.  The levels are pretty much the same every go around, and the the bears are the same, just different colors and hats to differentiate them.  Gameplay is simple: kill or scare the other bears until they kill themselves.  You can set traps by way of land mines and bear traps.  Also, you have to try and prevent them from escaping and calling for help by sabotaging or destroying their vehicles and phones.  All of this sounds like it would create a fun game, but the truth is you would have more fun painting your house.

The games controls are nowhere near up to snuff with current games, especially when you take into account that all you are technically able to do is run around scaring bears or beating them up with either your fists or a weapon.  Had you been able to grab a bear to keep them from running away to throw them into an object or to scare them things may have been different, but  you’re reduced to running in circles around the bears, hitting them and if you’re trying to scare them just hitting the scare button won’t do it.  You will need to wait for the actual trigger prompt for that scare to even mean anything, basically making the scare function useless.

Each weapon has its own kill cut-scene, and that goes for the vehicles as well.  You read that right: A cut-scene.  There just simply isn’t enough variety in the weapons and attacks for this game to have even remotely low re-playability.  There is no story to speak of; the game is just a cluster of mini games.

I really do wish that there was more to review and more to say about this game, but with the multiplayer aspect basically being nill (due to the fact that all of 5 people have this game and none of them are playing it online, trust me I check religiously for online matches).  So, I will leave you with this:

The Good:

  • The concept is good.
  • Caving a teddy’s head in with a baseball bat is pretty fun.
  • The voice-over is a great addition to the game.  It helps the pacing of the game and since the characters can’t speak you get some comic relief.

The Bad:

  • The gameplay is repetitive.
  • Controls are wonky and sub par at best.
  • There is a complete lack of a story.
  • Each level is pretty much the same.

Basically the game is just Happy Tree Friends only only the characters are bears, not nearly as loveable as Care Bears, and not nearly as humorous as the Happy Tree Friends.  I would only recommend this game if you want to kill some time while doing laundry, and only if you are renting it.  It is not worth the 40 bucks.

Final Verdict:

2 out of 5