RTX 2015 Day 1[pics]

RTX 2015 was amazing again this year and bigger then ever. 45,000 attendees across three venues and over 100 panels.

Batman Arkham Knight Fail!

Amazing amazing game, HOWEVER!!! I wonder if the PS4 is having the same glitchy problem OR IS IT A CONSPIRACY!! dun dun duuuuuun!

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition

Fallout 4's limited Pip-Boy edition

Fallout 4 Announced!!!

Did anyone else feel the humidity in their respective room skyrocket? The “Fallout” franchise has so wonderfully taken up so much of my life (Fallout 3 – 300+ hrs on Xbox, 100+hrs on both PC and PS3, Fallout: NV 150+hrs

Minecraft – P.T. Silent Hills Horror Map [Vanilla]

Dudelcraft did an awesome job recreating the P.T. house in Minecraft.

Batman Arkham Asylum PT 2

Today we find out why Steroids are bad!

Batman Arkham Asylum PT 1

In preparation for the upcoming release of Rocksteady's Arkham Knight we will be playing through all of the games

Lazer Team Teaser Released

Since winning the title of most funded film in Indiegogo history things have been relatively quite, but now we have the teaser trailer:

Game On! Far Cry 4 – Part 3

Need to find Intel and try to avoid that God damn eagle!

Game On! Super Meat Boy EP 1

I haven't played Super Meat Boy since 2010 at Fantastic Arcade.