CHAINSAW FUN!! | Resident Evil 7 part 4

We are well on our way to finding that last dog head to getthe hell out of this house but still no shotgun. I wonder if we’ll see Jack again?

I’ve Been A Bad Girl! | Resident Evil 7 part 3

We’ve made it to the main hall, let’s see if we can finally get the shotgun! Also what’s going on up on the 2nd floor?

First Boss Fight! Resident Evil 7 pt2

Well we found Mia, and she’s crazy but not as crazy as this family. It’s time for dinner!

Scariest Resident Evil EVER!

We have a new Resident Evil, and it is scary, claustrophobic and AWESOME! Let’s go find our WIFE!

The Mist Achievement – The Park

So I just realized I missed an easy achievement in "The Park" and being an achievement whore I can not let that stand! So here is a guide to get an easily missed achievement.

Dodge Balls Achievement – Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

So many balls flying all over the place!! Thats another 50 gamerscore if you can avoid them all.

Arf Arf Arf! Achievement – Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

VIVA LOS CHEEVOS is back and bringing you an easy 40 achievement points to boost your gamerscore. Snoopy's Grand Adventure Arf Arf Arf! Achievement.

Lazer Team Review

Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy Lazer Team.

Autumn Leaves Mod for Fallout: New Vegas

October 1st will see the release of new content for the PC version of the Obsidian-developed Fallout: New Vegas, by modder baronvonchateau.

RTX 2015 “Terror Eyes” music video

On Sunday the last day of RTX the Achievement Hunter panel opened with a new music video from Achievement Hunter’s own Jeremy Dooley.