Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Preview of Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond

Although a lot of people will disagree, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard was a good game and is one of my favorite games for the 360. It was filled with comedy gold, thanks largely in part to the voice work of Neil Patrick Harris and Will Arnett.

They made this game even more hilarious when adding their twisted versions of iconic video games characters like Mario, Master Chief, and the Soldiers from Gears of War. Unfortunately it fail to reach the same success as those games, but that didn’t stop D3 Publishing and Vicious Cycle from continuing the compelling saga that is Matt Hazard. Soon XBL Arcade and the PS Network will be granted the privilege of having Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond added to their catalogs.

Blood Bath and Beyond is going to feel like Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Shadow Complex. The game does boast Co-Op where you get to fight alongside Matt Hazard as his longtime friend and partner Dexter Dare. The only problem with this though is the fact that the Co-Op is only player Local only.

The plot this time around is Mr. Hazard having defeated Wallace “Wally” Wellesley, he now turns his attention to Marathon MegaCorps the evil video game corporation that has now gone back in time to destroy Matt’s 8-bit version, now it’s up to Matt, Dexter and a catolog of old school gaming friends to stop them from succeeding.