Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Prey 2 Coming 2012

The first Prey was amazing, you played as Domasi Tawodi (aka “Tommy”), traversing the alien spacecraft through portals to save your girlfriend Jen.  Prey 3 ingenious features into the mix Portals although fixed they came in quite handy when running from enemies (this was before Portal). Variable gravity, although your orientation always looked the same when walking along certain paths you would plunge to your death as gravity takes hold of you if you tried to jump or walked to far off the path and lastly spirit mode.  This mode great for sneaking up on your opponent and solving puzzles as your spirit leaves you body in an astral projection-esqe manner.  Bethesda announced recently that the much anticipated sequel is on it’s way, and they have already released some screenshots:

And along with that the live action trailer:

So far there is no confirmed release date just sometime in 2012, lets just hope that Prey 2 isn’t in development nearly as long as the first one (1995-2006).