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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Random Rant: What I Hope Happens With The Man of Steel Franchise

As of this post, “Man of Steel” has made $125,080,000, making it the record holder for biggest June opening of all time. We here at T1GN loved the film, and with all the “easter eggs” throughout “Man of Steel,” it left fans drooling for what’s to come. Here are my thoughts…

I was really hoping we would get a post-credits scene where we fade in on a photo of Superman, and as the camera pans out we see the photo is part of an article by Lois Lane in the “Daily Planet.”  As we pan out further we see that the paper is on Lex Luthor’s desk. Enter: mind blown.

With the second film I would want to see the introduction of Kryptonite, because when Zod’s ship dropped into our solar system it brought with it fragments of Krypton. But of course you can’t just be like, “Haha! It can kill Superman!”  No, when the meteor shower hits, Lexcorp takes large quantities (as does a certain Gotham-based company) and begins running tests only to discover that Kryptonite is an excellent power source. Luthor creates the ideal situation where the new power source can be used for military application in the real world. Enter Metallo. I would like to see another villain, however, possibly Parasite.

Through whole film, no one suspects Lex as the mastermind except for Superman.  Moments before the credits roll, Lex tells his crony to leave him because he has another appointment that has arrived.  Just before we cut to black Lex stands looking out his window at the Metropolis skyline as Superman descends in front of him.

In the post-credits we hear Lex receive a call from a researcher informing him that the battlesuit prototype is ready. When we fade in, Lex is standing in front of an early prototype of his battlesuit, but this one looks a little more similar to the suits the Science Police wear.

“Man of Steel 3” opens with Lex running for President, and by the middle of the film loses the election due to his intolerant stance on Superman.  The remainder of the film is an all out battle between Superman and Lex Luthor in his improved battlesuit.

Of course Superman wins, but before Lex can be unmasked to the world as the evil mastermind that he is, a bright light explodes and he is gone. but again in a post-credits scene we see Sinestro and Circe standing in front of a round table. Lex comes walking out of the darkness in a brand new suit with Mister Freeze in tow.

And this would lead into the Justice League movie. This would give ample time to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground.  I still feel Gina Carano is the only woman today that could fill that role. Get a Flash movie out there as well.  This could prove harder to do, but I would love to see Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd on the big screen.

These are just my thoughts.  How do you guys feel? Think Warner Bros. should hire me to plan out a proper DC Phase 1?