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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Resident Evil Revelations

I am fairly certain I have said it before, but “Resident Evil” holds a special place in my heart. The first “Resident Evil” game was the game that made me a die hard gamer. Yeah, I’ve played other games- “the Mario Bros.”, the “Zelda’s”, the “Street Fighters” and the “Mortal Kombats”- but “Resident Evil” made me want to play all the time.  That is probably why I have been so hard on the newer titles; I don’t believe they are staying true to the original. Now, I heard that “Revelations” was amazing on the 3DS, which was its original console, and because I do not have a 3DS I never got to play it.  Now that it has been ported over, this was my chance to see if it lives up to the hype.

The story is pretty good.  I felt more attached to “Revelations” than the hodgepodge of crap in “Resident Evil 6.” In “Revelations” you get to play through the perspective of Jill and Parker, Chris and Jessica and a small piece of comic relief from BSAA agents Quint and Keith.

“Revelations” takes place between “Resident Evil 4” and “Resident Evil 5,” as Jill Valentine and her new partner, Parker Luciani, search the SS Queen Zenobia for Chris Redfield and his new partner, Jessica Sherawat. After Jill and Parker are knocked out and separated, Chris and Jessica try to rescue them.

I love that the series has gone back to its survival horror roots, with elements like limited ammo and a heavy emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. Trying to navigate the ship can be kind of a pain in the ass at times, just like trying to navigate the mansion in the first game, only after a while this gets pretty tedious because you will find yourself going through the same doors over and over again. But you take the good with the bad with this; you have to actually think about where to go and where you have been.

I know it annoys other people, the whole being-able-to-move-around-and-shoot, but I’m still happy about it. In the first couple of games, sure, not being able to move and shoot at the same time was a pain, but it added to the suspense. “Will I be able to make this headshot before they get too close or should I run?” That was a question you asked yourself all the time in the original.  Now the movements are finally fluid, but we run into another problem.

The controls are pretty good, especially considering this is a port from a handheld system. My only real issue is with the retical. The retical is super small which leaves you with a really small window for error while trying to shoot an enemy. This becomes really problematic when trying to take on multiple enemies at once. On the 3DS I’m sure the small retical works well with the stylus, but this is something that should have been addresses when making the transition to the console.

Speaking of the enemies, they are pain in the ass to beat. They aren’t fast moving like recent installments of the franchise, but they can take shit tons of a damage and deal it out too. New enemies, like The Ooze which has different variations, Scagdead which is a beast, and The Scarmiglione, are just a few of the new mutations you need to deal with. The Scarmiglione is a mutation that can change into two different types of mutants depending on the the areas you focus on dealing damage. Enough damage to one area that doesn’t end in a death means they will transform, but take a magnum to the back of their head (general area) and you can kill them before they transform.

The first time I came across a Scagdead I nearly crapped my pants; I was not expecting that at all. Plus, on a side note, it was 3 in the morning and I had already been up for over 24 hours so I was tired. The way it came storming out of a supply closet wielding a chainsaw, I quickly jumped out of a window and left Parker in there by himself. That is how a lot of the interactions with the mutants go, and that’s what makes “Revelations” a great game.

The creepy atmosphere, the beautiful level design and, most importantly, the fan favorite character alone make this game worth buying, but do not for one second think that when I’m playing the tiny ass retical doesn’t aggravate the crap out of me.

Final Verdict for Resident Evil: Revelations

4 out of 5