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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Review of Wet


I have to be fair, I did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked to with WET. Borderlands came out first and I have been glued to that game ever since. I did however get to play a couple days worth of WET, at least until I became stuck on a skydiving/free falling level. So here are my thoughts on it….up until that point.

WET isn’t a bad game it just falls into some bad game traps. Glitchy cameras angles, upsetting targeting controls and casting. First off, up until the wall I ran into in story mode the voice acting wasn’t that bad except for Eliza Dushku. Her delivery of almost everyone of her lines is just completely dry and without any emotional context what-so-ever, it’s like watching an episode of FOX’s Dollhouse (and that is not a good thing). Malcolm McDowell and Alan Cumming lend their voice and do a great job as expected. The cinematics are great, the in game graphics are pretty good, the little “Grindhouse” cutscenes were cool the first I don’t know two times they did it after that it just becomes annoying. What makes it even worse is the fact that you cant even skip over it because I am fairly certain that the “Grindhouse” scenes have replaced the traditional load screen. Yes, it is better than just staring at a blank load screen but come on at least give up the option.
From a story-line stand point, it’s a pretty solid revenge story. Girls helps Son save his Father, then Father has Girl track down now troubled Son, Girls finds and rescues troubled Son, Father kills Son then tries to kill Girl for her troubles, but doesn’t succeed and now Girl wants revenge, and that is where I am in the story. So far I’m very enthralled in the story I just wish I could get past this free falling level it really is beginning to piss me off but I’ll give it another shot. I know the rest of the story and all the plot twists but I won’t ruin it for the people that still want to play it even after reading this review.
Earning the points for upgrading skills and weapons is done through linking attacks and acrobatic moves, it’s pretty cool for awhile then when you start messing up you start to hate it a lot because your raking up almost no points. The guns so far are guns I guess it’s pretty much generic, the sword is pretty cool but, it’s all the same to me (although sliding across the ground and taking out your blade and slicing it through an enemy like butter). The training sessions in Ruby’s Boneyard were kind of helpful for people like me who don’t really play games like Prince of Persia and Max Payne not a big fan of Slow-mo. Up until the free falling level, I don’t really dislike the game. Now for the remainder of this review.
wet screen 2
I have yet to be able to beat the free falling level. I tried yet again to best the level in between gaming sessions of Borderlands (which I recommend you go out and get) and Game 2 of the 2009 World Series, and the game just is not going to have it. The level seems easy enough; as your free falling in the sky you look form left to right, up and down and kill enemies as they pass you, sounds easy doesn’t it…it’s not. You are pretty much stationary and your enemies can pass from left to right fall downward and float back up above you, it’s ridiculous. You shoot someone in the head and they should die it’s called a headshot but know you have to unload two and a half clips into the guy to have them die, whereas acouple of shots from them and you have next to no health. This wouldn’t be so frustrating if at some point during the level there was some sort of checkpoint so you didn’t have to keep restarting the board from the beginning of the level. I have played that one level so many times that I almost broke yet another controller from anger while playing a video game. Since I started playing video games I have broken 1 Playstation, 2 Playstations, 4 PS2 controllers, 1 Sega Genesis, 2 Gameboy Colors, 1 Gameboy DS, and 2 Xbox controllers due to what I like to call Acute Level Frustration or ALF. So in order to prevent destruction of property (especially my own) Wet has been resealed and sent back to Gamefly and am now awaiting the arrival of Beatles Rockband, at least until November 10th and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is upon us.
In closing don’t even bother renting this game it’s not worth the gamerscore points and/or trophies, if you really want a Grindhouse experience just go watch Planet Terror or Death Proof.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to Me.