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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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An Interview with The Legend Sim-Wise

Last week I had the chance to briefly talk to the buxom British beauty, and T1GN Gaming Goddess Alex Sim-Wise.  We discussed games, comics and the impending zombie apocalypse.  So, read on fellow gaming nerds and learn of The Legend that is Alex Sim-Wise!

MoonDoggie82: What was the first video game you ever played?

Sim-Wise: Probably something on the ZX Spectrum, as that was the first gaming console I ever had.  We got it second hand from the back [of] the paper, and I was literally always on it.  The first game I can remember getting addicted to on it was 180!, which was a really weird darts game.

MoonDoggie82: What are your top three favorite consoles?

Sim-Wise: 1. PS3, 2. Xbox 360, 3. Sega Megadrive.  PS3 is top because their exclusive games are just so much better than Xbox exclusives (God of War 3, Uncharted 2), plus it has Blu Ray capabilities.

MoonDoggie82: What are your top 5 all-time favorite games?

Sim-Wise: 1. Silent Hill, 2. Final Fantasy VII, 3. Siren Blood Curse, 4. Shining in the Darkness, 5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

MoonDoggie82: What games do you wish were never made and why?

Sim-Wise: There’s not really any games that I feel that strongly about to wish them to never be made, although most movie tie-in games are pretty shit.  Having said that, there are a lot of games I wish were made but never were, like Shenmue 3.

MoonDoggie82: What games are you eagerly anticipating?

Sim-Wise: I’m really looking forward to Fallout: New Vegas, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (I love dungeon crawlers), Mafia II, Diablo III, and the new World of Warcraft expansion,Cataclysm.

MoonDoggie82: If you could be any video game character who would it be and why?

Sim-Wise: Kasumi from Dead or Alive, for her obvious assets.

MoonDoggie82: Whats your favorite comics?

Sim-Wise: My favorite comic at the moment is Sweet Tooth.  I don’t really read any of the old superhero comics; I’m more of a fan of modern ones like The Walking Dead, Y the Last Man and Hack/Slash.  My all time favorite comic is TankGirl, but I preferred it when Jamie Hewlett did the illustration, as I think he is a genius.  I am also a big fan of Zenescope comics, especially the Wonderland series’.

MoonDoggie82: When did you first get into games/comics?

Sim-Wise: I used to read Deadline magazine when I was really young, as I was a massive TankGirl fan.  Games I got into through my Dad, as he played them quite a lot too.  I’d say about 7 or 8 for both, maybe a little bit older.

MoonDoggie82: Zombies or Ninjas?

Sim-Wise: Zombies!  Ninjas are rubbish (sorry ninja fans).

MoonDoggie82: What is your favorite game/book/movie comic in the zombie genre?

Sim-Wise: Best zombie game is Resident Evil 2.  I remember renting that when it came out and completing it in like 3 days.  Best zombie book is World War Z, and the best zombie comic is The Walking Dead, although The Waking is pretty good, too.

MoonDoggie82: When the Zombie Apocalypse happens (and it will), how do you plan on surviving?

Sim-Wise: I have an elaborate plan that involves helicopters and Scottish castles.  Trust me, as soon as I have the money I’m zombie-proofing wherever I live.

MoonDoggie82: Do you think you could ever date a guy who couldn’t play video games?

Sim-Wise: I’m sure I could, yeah, but I prefer to date guys who do, as it’s more fun.

MoonDoggie82: How did you get your start writing for FRONT magazine?

Sim-Wise: They just liked my blogs on Myspace and wrote to me asking if I wanted to write for them, and I was like totes magotes, and then it happened, and then it was like OMG WTF, and three years later I’m still doing it, which is nice.

MoonDoggie82: How did you get hooked up with G4?

Sim-Wise: I filmed a segment for their International Hot Girls show with Kevin and got on really well with everyone, then a few weeks later they offered me a job.

MoonDoggie82: How long before they give you Olivia Munn’s job, or better yet Kevin Pereira’s?

Sim-Wise: Haha, I really doubt that would happen.  You can’t mess with the faces of G4!  I met them both when I was filming out in LA and they were really nice, so no, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

MoonDoggie82: What’s England like?

Sim-Wise: Erm, it’s pretty cold most of the time, and a bit dull.  I saw the Queen the other day though,driving past in a police escorted car, which was unintentionally hilarious.  I broke out in hysterics at the randomness of it all.

MoonDoggie82: If you could meet any celebrity and punch them in the face who would it be and why? (My celeb would be Miley Cyrus and her dad – god how I hate them!)

Sim-Wise: I’d never advocate punching people in the face, as you know, you could get in trouble for that, but probably Heidi Montag.  Maybe it would knock some sense into her.

MoonDoggie82: Any upcoming project in the works?

Sim-Wise: I just started working for MTV Europe covering all the festivals, which is pretty exciting as I get to interview loads of awesome bands.

Sim-Wise: Hey, do your balls hang low?

MoonDoggie82: Depends on the weather, but they are in no way shape or form like Cisco Adler (ewwww).

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