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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Skyrim Update 1.2

So some people have been experiencing some problems with the most epic game of the year, I have yet to experience any of this issues but I have heard people bitchin.  Well so has Bethesda yesterday they released the first round of updates on the PS3 and by Wednesday the Xbox 360 and the PC will have theirs.

You may be wondering what issues have been addressed well don’t worry continue on and find out.

UPDATE 1.2 NOTES (all platforms unless specified)

  • Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PlayStation 3)
  • Fixed issue where textures would not properly upgrade when installed to drive (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed crash on startup when audio is set to sample rate other than 44100Hz (PC)
  • Fixed issue where projectiles did not properly fade away
  • Fixed occasional issue where a guest would arrive to the player’s wedding dead
  • Dragon corpses now clean up properly
  • Fixed rare issue where dragons would not attack
  • Fixed rare NPC sleeping animation bug
  • Fixed rare issue with dead corpses being cleared up prematurely
  • Skeleton Key will now work properly if player has no lockpicks in their inventory
  • Fixed rare issue with renaming enchanted weapons and armor
  • Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death
  • ESC button can now be used to exit menus (PC)
  • Fixed occasional mouse sensitivity issues (PC)
  • General functionality fixes related to remapping buttons and controls (PC)

It’s good to know that they are keeping up with forums to find any other glitches they may have missed so they can rectify them (::cough cough:: COD and Activision ::cough cough::).

[source BethBlog]

  • Although the patch is out for Skyrim V but Bethesda after making such attracting trailer of the game because of their hectic lag sessions have make their game lovers to wait until the patch is out and so the effect is that lots of PS3 gamers had shifted on other games but finally now its there. 

    • Poontangplenty

      How about better English before you comment. Also what the fuck is Skyrim V? Was there 4 other skyrim’s before this?