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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

I HATE racing games.  I really truly do.  Out of all the games out there I suck at them the most.  I can firmly say that and not be upset by it.  I am not an ace in every genre of games, but racing is the worst.  So when I saw the trailer and ads for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit I instantly thought, “Well, that’s a game I wont play,” and went on about my day.  As fate would have it, I was over a friend’s house while he was playing.  To pass the time I picked up a controller to play and well, I thought more hands on time was needed.  That time is up and now it’s time to get the 411 on it.

Quick run down of the game: you have a choice of two paths, that of a Cop or that of a Racer, and each class has its own perks and race modes.  With Cops you can use EMPs, road blocks, spike strips and helicopter support.  As a Racer you get a radar jammer, spike strips, EMP, and turbo boost.  The game modes are basic: for Racers you have regular races where Cops are chasing you, one-on-one duels, preview races where you get to drive a car you have not unlocked, and of course time trials.  Cops have hot pursuit races where you try to take down all the Racers before they reach the finish, interceptor races where you go one-on-one with a Racer, preview races, and rapid response, which is their version of time trial, only you can’t hit anything without being penalized.

Now, the biggest thing I love about this game is the ease with which you can move between the modes.  If you have done four Cop events and want to become an outlaw, all you have to do is select a Racer event; it’s that easy.  You will very rarely ever feel out powered while entering a race, as all the cars you unlock are on par with any race you have unlocked.  Also gone are the days where you have to start out with a piece of crap and grind it out until you get an awesome car.  Within the first half hour you have good cars, within forty-five minutes you have great cars and within an hour you have amazing cars.  And of course you can redo races to unlock more bounty points, which is what is used to level your rank in the police force or your wanted level as a Racer.  Also, more bounty means more cars and more perks while racing.  I also love the handling in this game, which was always my biggest issue with racing games.  I sucked on sharp turns, and for the life of me cannot drift.  This game is a piece of cake, and like I said I rarely felt overmatched playing it.

Onto the cons: when racing as a Cop, to take down racers you have to do damage to their cars to stop them.  That involves using your perks and ramming into them.  Now, all that’s fine and dandy, but in some cases you could blast into an outlaw Racer’s car and the game won’t register the damage, which is a pain in the ass when sometimes just catching up to the guy is hard because you had six other Racers to take down.  The biggest example of this was in an interceptor mission called Hang Tough.  Even though I had the same car as the computer, he would jet out to what seemed like miles ahead of me, and then when I would ram him nothing would happen.  It would take two or three hits to register, which in one-on-one races sucks because you have a certain amount of time to take him down if you want to get top honors.

Another feature of the game is the Auto Log system.  I didn’t talk much about it, and I won’t because I had no use for it.  None of my friends had played Need for Speed, so it was null and void for me.  But the long and short of it is this: you set a time record on a certain race, Auto Log goes all Facebook and posts to your friends playing the game that you set a new record for that map and then they can do that race and try to beat your time.  If they do, Auto Log informs you that they just made you their bitch.

So all in all Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a great game.  All the pros outweigh the one issue I had with the game and made me enjoy a racing game.  It’s simple, you’re either a good guy trying to stop Racers or you’re a pedal to the medal outlaw tearing up the roads.  That simple formula is crazy fun and makes for a great game.

Final Verdict for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit:

4.5 out of 5

  • This is not all, today car racing games are designed to match and suit the needs of players of every age. Games are no longer a child’s play anymore. The gaming industry has not just emerged and evolved but now is making great progress and development.

  • Need for Speed is my favorite car racing game! Playing it just gives you a sudden rush of adrenaline, and you think you’re the one driving for real. I have experienced that a lot! Every time there’s an inclined plane or long turn, my whole body seems to move along with the car! Hehe.