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Cosplay of Austin Comic-Con 2013

#WizardWorld #AustinComicCon Nerd Excursion Cosplay photoset.

Austin Comic Con 2013 Photoset

#WizardWorld #AustinComicCon Nerd Excursions Photoset

Austin Comic Con 2012 Day 3

Day 3 was a much needed slow day, Sunday comprised of getting so last minute photos, picking up some comic, and filming a video interview with voice over actor Vic Mignogna whos most notable work includes Edward Elric in “Full

Austin Comic Con 2012 Day 2 – More Cosplay!!

Saturday was a lot more hectic because the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation was in attendance, but here are some of the photos from day 2.

Austin Comic Con 2012 Day 1 – Cosplay!

The best part of any comic convention is the COSPLAY! Sure you have the celebrities that show up, creators, writers and artists and of course the thousands upon thousands of comics for sale, but the real fun starts when the

Austin Comic Con 2011-The Lost Files

While prepping for a podcast (yes we’re starting a podcast), setting up other reviews going through a list of potential Gaming Goddess’ these photo’s fell to the wayside. Now that we have found them peruse and enjoy!

Gaming Goddess Comic Con 2011 Edition

I had a great time at Austin Comic Con this year met a lot of amazing people most of which came in costume and stayed in character.  Here are some the creative women that roamed the floor of the convention

Austin Comic Con 2011 Is Coming

It’s almost that time again! Wizard World Comic Con will be making it’s last stop on their North American tour in Austin Texas on November 11th  through 13th.

T1GN’s Gaming Goddess Austin Comic Con ’10 Edition

So this past weekend was the first annual Wizard World Austin Comic Con, and it was glorious, especially when it came to scantly clad ladies.  These are the best and the worst that I saw at Comic Con, I know

Austin Comic Con ’10 Recap

This past weekend I went to my very first Comic Con, and it was without a doubt one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.  Friday, a little before noon on the inaugural day of the Austin Comic Con,