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Batman Arkham Knight Fail!

Amazing amazing game, HOWEVER!!! I wonder if the PS4 is having the same glitchy problem OR IS IT A CONSPIRACY!! dun dun duuuuuun!

Batman Arkham Asylum PT 2

Today we find out why Steroids are bad!

Batman Arkham Asylum PT 1

In preparation for the upcoming release of Rocksteady's Arkham Knight we will be playing through all of the games

Batman: Arkham Knight Revealed

WB Games and Rocksteady have announced the final game in the “Arkham” series and the trailer looks amazing.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

If you ask anyone, they will tell you that I am a die-hard Batman fan, but don’t think that I put blinders on just because it’s Batman. I have played a lot of crappy Batman games, and superhero games in

New Gotham-based Show to Air on FOX

We’re inching towards the saturation rate for comic book based shows on TV as FOX has ordered a series about a pre-Batman Gotham which will focus on a young James Gordon.

Batman Arkham Origins Collectors Edition

I am without a doubt getting the collector’s edition of Batman Arkham Origins, what sucks however is that it is only available for Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 and I would prefer to play it on PC. With that

Justice League Flashpoint Paradox Review

I loved the multi-franchise story arc by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert that was “Flashpoint”. It was the perfect catalyst for a universe-wide reboot, and more importantly, the perfect way to showcase the Flash, his lesser-known powers, and the possible consequences of

Batman: Arkham Origins Teaser Is Here!

I may still have my doubts about what WB Games Montreal will be able to produce with the “Arkham Asylum” franchise or if it can even live up Rocksteady’s “Arkham City”, but damn if this isn’t a gorgeous teaser.

Venture Bros Season 5

There are 4 animated programs that I will rewatch constantly; Young Justice (now cancelled), Batman: the Animated series (long since cancelled), Archer (watch Archer Thursdays @ 10/9c on FX) and lastly The Venture Bros. It seems like it has taken