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Game On! BTS

T1GN's @MoonDoggie82 and @GoneDrinkin00 are just screwing around while tweeking audio.

Amazon PC Game Sale

Looks like Amazon.com is trying to compete with Valve’s Steamworks on PC with these rock-bottom deals. From June 30 – July 14, find deals on PC and Mac Game Downloads, Free-to-Play starter packs, Indie Games, bundles, and more.

Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Built For Two

“Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Built For Two” is a fantastic short brought to you by 2K and Gearbox that answers the age old question:  “What goes rattling about in the mind of a Psycho?”

Dead Space 3 Review (Single Player)

Survival horror is alive and well with the release of Dead Space 3.

Borderlands 2 Review

Oh, how I have missed Pandora, from the subtle, “Unce unce unce unce, oh check me out” of Claptrap, to the “gazillion” weapons you can find and use to rampage your way through the wasteland. Last time I was saving

Borderlands 2 Trailer & Screenshots

September 18th @gearboxsoftware 's Borderlands 2.

Want to be in Borderlands 2?

Ever dream of being in a video game?  Well Gearbox Software, the developers of Borderlands and it’s highly anticipated sequel Borderlands 2, have announced that one lucky cos-player will become the of Lilith, The Siren one of the franchises beloved

Brink Review

In the near future, a war rages on the floating city located off the coast of San Fransisco known as The Ark.  This once-Utopian city has fallen into disarray as the Resistance and the Security forces fight over essentials like

Borderlands Robot Revolution

Today we get both a Zombie Apocalypse and a Robot Uprising. Tuesdays are awesome!

Time to Play FMK: Video Games

In this new era of ever evolving technology, it’s only necessary that video game characters become more realistic seeing as how most gamers spend more time with them then they do they’re actual families. Yes they are all pixelated but