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The END!! | Resident Evil 7 part 13

We need to make out way through the mines and find that bitch Evie and finally end all of this!

Where’s Ethan?? | Resident Evil 7 part 12

Kinda figured out where I need to go and what I need to do, So let’s go find Ethan!

Shipwrecked! | Resident Evil 7 part 11

We’ve survived the Baker house, but now we have another problem. We’re stuck on the ship Eveline escaped from!

Who Do I Choose? | Resident Evil 7 part 10

Big decision time. Do we choose the loving wife Mia or the voice in our ear Zoe?

Who Do We SAVE!! | Resident Evil 7 part 9

Time to decide! We have the cure, and oh wait Jack’s BACK!!

A Party To Die For! 🎂 | Resident Evil 7 part 8

So before we check on Lucas let’s check out the VHS we found in the attic! Here’s hoping it’s an episode of “My Super Sweet 16”

Finally the SHOTGUN!! | Resident Evil 7 Part 7

So before we run the errands for Lucas we ARE getting the shotgun. Forgot to pick something up in the basement, so let’s go!

Marguerite’s Got BUGS IN HER BUTT!! | Resident Evil 7 part 6

Marguerite Baker really should have gone to see a doctor about her nether region, but since she wont we need to take her out and get her lantern!

MOMMA!! | Resident Evil 7 part 5

How many houses do these people HAVE! Off to the Old House to find the serum.

CHAINSAW FUN!! | Resident Evil 7 part 4

We are well on our way to finding that last dog head to getthe hell out of this house but still no shotgun. I wonder if we’ll see Jack again?