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Beyond: Two Souls Review

There was a lot of buzz around “Beyond: Two Souls,” but the real question is, did the game live up to all the hype?

Assassins Creed Black Flag Review

I haven’t really liked an “Assassins Creed” since the first game, but I keep playing because the story is amazing. You play as Edward Kenway, father of Haytham Kenway and grandfather of Ratonhnhaké:ton, aka Connor, both of whom are the

Payday 2 Review

In this review I plan to get straight to it and tell all of you why I really like the game and why I hate it with a fiery passion. I have never played “Payday: The Heist” but I have

Dead Space 3 Review (Single Player)

Survival horror is alive and well with the release of Dead Space 3.

Borderlands 2 Review

Oh, how I have missed Pandora, from the subtle, “Unce unce unce unce, oh check me out” of Claptrap, to the “gazillion” weapons you can find and use to rampage your way through the wasteland. Last time I was saving

The Walking Dead Video Game Review

I only played the demo for Telltale Games’ other downloadable game, “Back to the Future,” and after about 10 minutes the nostalgia wore off and I was bored out of my mind. There was absolutely no challenge to the game

Dark Souls: You. Will. Die…

…if you don’t play wisely.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love a challenge and I love a dungeon crawler.  A few months ago when I decided to break down and buy a Playstation 3, I was turned onto

A Trip Down The Rabbithole You’ll Never Forget

So far this year we have been handed a slew of anticipated games that ended up being sub-par: “Brink,” “Bulletstorm,” “Dragon Age 2,” “Hunted: The Demon’s Forge,” and “inFAMOUS 2.”  Now we have “Alice Madness Returns,” the sequel to American

Lego Harry Potter Review

Now that I have been able to get Lego Harry Potter away from my wife, I’ve been playing it almost non-stop.  I am a big fan of the Lego games, mainly because they are fun, simple, and break up the

Alpha Protocol Review

The sea of reviews out there right now are not looking very good for Alpha Protocol, and now it’s time for me to throw my two cents in there and see if I can’t turn the tide (see what I