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Press Garden Zone 2 | Sonic Mania

Once again the games saves are trash so I had to play zone one all over again just to get to Zone 2.

A Lovely Stroll Through The Garden | Sonic Mania Pt 9

These levels keep getting weirder and weirder!

I Just Keep Getting Worse | Sonic Mania EP 8


I’m on a Boat..a Flying Boat! | Sonic Mania EP 7

Confusion Ahoy!

It Just Gets Weirder! | Sonic Mania EP 6

If this is hurting anybody else’s eye let me know in the comments below.

What On Earth Is This Level??? | Sonic Mania EP 5

Well it’s our first new level and I am beyond confused!

I Don’t Remember Anything! | Sonic Mania EP 4

I remember absolutely nothing about the Chemical Zone lol.

This is Toxic | Sonic Mania EP 3

Time we head to the toxic chemical plant!

Robotnik Has Metal Arms? | Sonic Mania 2

Let’s see what Robotnik is working with!

The Beautiful Green Hills | Sonic Mania 1

Time to finally play a good Sonic game!