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Say Goodbye to THQ

So THQ is no more. Sad part is anyone that was paying attention saw this coming awhile ago, but don’t get that upset because seven of their studios and licensed game have found new homes. Sega will purchase Relic Entertainment

The Humble THQ Bundle

Here’s a question do you want to add games to your Stream library, save some money and give to a good cause? Well Humble Bundle has a deal for your, if you pay at least $1 you will get:

Darksiders 2 Review

I really enjoyed the first “Darksiders” game.  It was pretty cool getting to play as one of the Four Horsemen, but as cool as War is, Death is by far the rider you would want to be. In this go

WWE ’13 Roster

The WWE games have been kind of lackluster the past couple of years but this years entry is looking to make up for past fumbles starting with it’s roster:

Darksiders 2 Screenshots

@vigilgames and @THQ releasing @darksiders 2 tomorrow and I cannot wait.

Red Faction Armageddon

March 2011 we will see the release of the sequel to the highly underrated Red Faction Guerrilla, titled Red Faction Armageddon.