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Justice League Flashpoint Paradox Review

I loved the multi-franchise story arc by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert that was “Flashpoint”. It was the perfect catalyst for a universe-wide reboot, and more importantly, the perfect way to showcase the Flash, his lesser-known powers, and the possible consequences of

Random Rant: What I Hope Happens With The Man of Steel Franchise

How I think @wbpictures should handle the @ManofSteelMovie franchise.

Austin Comic Con 2012 Day 1 – Cosplay!

The best part of any comic convention is the COSPLAY! Sure you have the celebrities that show up, creators, writers and artists and of course the thousands upon thousands of comics for sale, but the real fun starts when the

Gaming Goddess Comic Con 2011 Edition

I had a great time at Austin Comic Con this year met a lot of amazing people most of which came in costume and stayed in character.  Here are some the creative women that roamed the floor of the convention