Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Tahiticora T1GN’s Gaming Goddess

We here at The One Gaming Nation love women of all shapes, size, color and nationalities.  Now with that said this weeks Gaming Goddess is a Frenchmen well Frenchwoman, and before anyone says anything I don’t want to hear anything about Freedom Fries and the likes, got me! It is my pleasure this week to bring you Tahiticora in all her ass-tacular glory.

Tahiticora is a French model living in Miami, FL best known for this video of her playing Dirt on her Xbox 360 in her thong:

Tahiticora who’s real name is Coralie, is a part time model, and real life Stockbroker (yes I know I didn’t see that coming either.)  She has done photoshoots for various websites, and magazines and model REEF surf wear, and hopefully one of these days she will actually talk to us nerds over here at T1GN.

Here are some really hot pics of the lovely Tahiticora.

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