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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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The Walking Dead Video Game Review

I only played the demo for Telltale Games’ other downloadable game, “Back to the Future,” and after about 10 minutes the nostalgia wore off and I was bored out of my mind. There was absolutely no challenge to the game and that’s why when I heard they would be handling “The Walking Dead” game I had a lot of reservations.  Thankfully, however, episode one, “A New Day,” put all my worries to rest.

The game takes place at the beginning stages of the outbreak.  You play as Lee, a man convicted of killing his wife’s senator boyfriend. You’re sitting in the back of a squad car heading towards prison, when you meet your first walker…in the middle of the road. Said first encounter leaves you a little worse for wear and your jailor dead, but even with  an injury you still manage to survive and make your way to your first real area: a small suburban neighborhood.

In episode one, you’ll find your way to locations like Hershel’s farm, a boarded up motel, and a barricaded small town drugstore. Along the way you’ll even meet some familiar people like Hershel and everyone’s favorite scout. Each person you meet you end up caring about and don’t want to see killed, which leads to my next point.

A cool feature to the game is that the choices you make with both your dialogue and actions will have consequences. Are you going to save the beautiful girl or the kinda nerdy guy? Do you save the the child or the adult? What makes these choices even more poignant is the fact that you only have a few seconds to make these “life or death” decisions. Now for the bad: I played a couple of times and made different choices each time and I haven’t seen much of a real difference in outcomes besides a character spitting out different dialogue. This is kind of a let down, but I have hope that the choices made throughout each chapter will carry over to the next chapter and that they actually start shaping and affecting the story.

I really do feel this is the game to put Telltale Games back on top. The art style is beautiful, the voice acting is superb, the story (so far) amazing and gameplay and controls are easy and responsive.

Final Verdict for The Walking Dead: A New Day

4.5 out of 5