Tomb Raider Preorder Specials

Hopefully this new “Tomb Raider” endeavor will fix problems plaguing previous installments. For now we will just have to wait and see, but until then we get to see what goodies you’ll get for pre ordering at specific stores.



  • Exclusive CHALLENGE TOMB – A standalone tomb where Lara will test her mind and body against all new environmental puzzles.


Best Buy:

  • Exclusive Tomb Raider: The Beginnings comicbook.
  • Aviatrix skin exclusive 1930’s adventurer outfit.

“Final Hours Edition”

  • Exclusive 32 page art book.
  • “Hunter skin” exclusive action movie style natural camouflage.
  • Final Hours of TOMB RAIDERS Directors Cut for the Kindle Fire. Using an interactive app go behind the scenes with Geoff Keighley as he documents the inner workings of Crystal Dynamics as they make the new “TOMB RAIDER”.