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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Toy Story 3 video game Review

Let’s be honest, when it comes to movie video games they are almost always lackluster, and by lackluster I mean that they should be given to you for free.  This, however, is not the case with the Toy Story 3 video game.  While Toy Story 3 doesn’t follow the storyline of the film or have an actual story mode, it does have short missions that take place at pivotal moments from the movie, e.g. when they are taken to the daycare, when they break out, etc.  The majority of your actual gameplay will take place in the Toy Box, but we’ll get to that later.

When playing through “story mode,” don’t expect to have a long story experience; it goes pretty quick.  Some levels, like the daycare escape, can go by pretty fast.  I think I beat it in 3 minutes, whereas the Buzz Lightyear video game level took quite a bit longer.  Graphics are amazing, and the game mechanics are pretty solid.  The only glitchiness I have really seen that made me actually stop playing to find out what the hell was going on was on the first Daycare level.  Apparently, the characters don’t have shadows that follow them but rather a giant shadow square; this was, however, the only level that I have seen this happen.

Now, my main concern with this is that some off the puzzle aspects of the game seem a little more geared toward adults rather than children.  The Garbage Dump and Haunted Muffin levels are prime examples of this.  But, all in all, the story mode is short and sweet.  You get all the plot points of the movie without really having to watch it.  Now onto the Toy Box…

Like I said before, this is probably where you will be spending the majority of your time, playing the sandbox style Toy Box a.k.a Woody’s Roundup.  Here you will interact with some of the other characters to complete missions that will help beautify the town, and expand the town as well.  It is also here where can break boxes, capture bandits, recreate pict-o-discs and dig with your pick ax to receive gold coins to buy new residents for your town, build buildings, transportation (i.e. Teeny Racer, a dragon etc).  You can also, with the gold collected, purchase new areas of the Toy Box, such as Sid’s Haunted House, Lotso’s Enchanted Glen, and Zurg’s Spaceport.  Buying the additional spaces not only gives you achievement points, but also opens up new missions to play through.

The sandbox style gameplay is perfect for this type of game: older players can enjoy not having to run in a straight line to accomplish a task, and it’s great for the younger gamers who have A.D.D. and don’t know how to and don’t really care to follow a story or mission.

The Good:

  • The graphics are great.
  • The Sandbox feature is an excellent addition to a Disney game.
  • The all-star cast doing the voices.
  • The Controls are easy to get the hang of.

The Bad:

  • The occasional glitch can be bothersome.
  • Some of the puzzles can be to complicated for the younger players that this game is geared towards.
  • The lack of a real story can be off putting to some gamers.

To be completely honest, I had a blast playing this game.  After the initial train rescue mission I played about 4 hours in Woody’s Roundup before even realizing that I can explore the game board to play more of “Story Mode”.  This was definitely made with both younger gamers and older gamers in mind and I commend you, Disney Interactive.  This is a phenomenal game.

Final Verdict:

4.5 out of 5