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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Upcoming Games of 2010


2010 is going to be a great year for gamers with the release of so many great games and  sequels and I just want to help you guys navigate through it all.

Bioshock 2 (2/9/2010)
Set 10 years after the first Bioshock the halls of corridors of Rapture are all a flutter with violence. An unknown monster has been kidnapping little girls along the Atlantic coastline and bringing them back to the underwater city. You play a Big Daddy the first  Big Daddy actually upon reactivation you have no recollection of what transpired over the last decade. You start to search for the little sister you were matched with all those years ago, the story will progress from there I don’t want to ruin the rest.

Final Fantasy XIII (3/9/2010)
I have know idea how to explain this storyline because it’s confusing as shit so I’ll let wiki do the talking…

The plot of Final Fantasy XIII, taking place in a world known as Pulse, revolves around the fal’Cie (ファルシ farushi?) (pronounced /ˈfælsiː “fal see”/), mechanical beings of godlike power created from crystals residing inside them.[10] People who are marked by the fal’Cie for greater purposes are called l’Cie (ルシ rushi?).[21] Each l’Cie has a Focus, a goal the fal’Cie wants him or her to fulfill within a certain amount of time; however, the fal’Cie do not explicitly say what the goal is: l’Cie learn what their Focus is by interpreting visions that are given to them. L’Cie gain the ability to summon Eidolons (monsters who fight with the l’Cie), but this ability comes with a price: if a l’Cie dies before completing his or her Focus, fails to tame his or her Eidolon, or fails to complete his or her Focus within a set period of time, he or she becomes a monster known as a Cie Corpse (シ骸 shigai?).[22] If a l’Cie does complete his or her Focus, the reward is not much better: permanent transformation into a crystal. For this reason, being chosen as a l’Cie is seen as a curse.
Some 1,300 years ago, a fal’Cie named Orphan constructed a paradise for humanity: the shell-like city of Cocoon, which floats high above the surface of Pulse. Then Orphan created life forms and machines for Cocoon’s inhabitants to use, and humanity flourished. Over time, after disaster destroyed Oerba Village and wiped out its residents, the people of Cocoon began to fear for the safety of their world, worrying that it would be cast down from the sky into the hell that they saw Pulse to be.
Although most Cocoon citizens have never seen Pulse with their own eyes, they have been told that it is a dangerous place that has strange effects on those who venture down to its surface. Consequently, anyone who is discovered to have visited Pulse is immediately subjected to quarantine and exile by the theocratic government of Cocoon, known as the Sanctum.[23] The Sanctum enforces this policy with its strongest military branch, which is called PSICOM.
As Snow leads the resistance group Team Nora in an attempt to stop the purging of civilians, the mysterious Lightning fights her way past PSICOM soldiers with the aid of Sazh to find a Pulse fal’Cie, Anima, who turned her sister, Serah (who is also Snow’s fiancée), into a l’Cie. Through a chain of events, these three, along with two exiles, Vanille and Hope, are forced by the fal’Cie of Pulse to become l’Cie, and with that become enemies of humanity with the Focus of bringing about the downfall of Orphan and Cocoon.

See I told you confusing.

Heavy Rain (2/23/2010)
The hunt is on for the Origami Killer (he leaves folded paper shapes on victims). Four characters, each with their own motives, take part in a desperate attempt to stop the killer from claiming a new victim.Every single decision you make in this game no matter how small will have consequences.

Fallout: New Vegas (6/1/2010)

Nothing is really known about this game but that it will be taking place in a Las Vegas type setting and that it will be in the same universe as Fallout 3 but will be a completely separate storyline. If it is anything like like Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion it is sure to be awesome.

Halo: Reach (9/1/2010)
Nothing is really know about the storyline but I will try my best to find news.

Mass Effect 2 (1/26/2010)
Set two years after the original, Commander Shepard must now stop an unknown enemy that has been silently abducting entire human colonies, and with the of his elite squad and a ruthless group known as Cerberus, that will stop at nothing the ensure mankinds survival.

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows (TBD):
A new Castlevania game will be hitting the shelves hopefully sometime this year and the franchise is supposed to be rebooted. but for now this is what i can tell you of the story.

You play Gabriel Belmont a member of an elite group of holy knights known as the “Brotherhood of Light “. You help protect innocent people against the supernatural, but when your wife is brutally murdered by one of the “Lords of Shadow” a group who are rapid taking over this world, her spirit sends you on a mission to save the world. Patrick Stewart voice one of the main characters and voices the teaser trailer.

Gran Turismo 5 (11/1/2010)

It’s a racing game…but it does look beautiful!

Crackdown 2 (5/1/2010)
I believe this game takes place ten years after the first. During a mission in the first game you let out a group of mutants, now ten years later whole sections of Pacific City are walled up and quarantined and it’s up to you to set things right. If you love an open world game with rag doll physics, then you’ll love this game. I have spent hours picking up people throwing them into a dumpster, then picking up said dumpster and throwing it into the air, to then shooting it with a rocket launcher so that I could watch the flaming bodies rain down from the heavens.

Alan Wake (4/12/2010):
2 or 3 years ago when I was about to get my first Xbox 360, I was looking at all the games that I wanted to get and at the top of the list wasn’t Halo but Alan Wake.
Alan Wake is a best-selling horror novelist, who came to the seemingly peaceful Washington town of Bright Falls, to escape from the painful memories of the lost of his fiancée. Now trapped and the sun setting he must solve a mystery before he is trapped in this nightmarish world forever.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
From what I can gather the sequel will take place shortly after the end on the first game. The Joker is still a bloody mess and still managed to break out. This time however we will be fighting all the scum of the city on the streets of Gotham City. Who will this crop of villains will be? Your guess is as good as mine.