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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Two Worlds 2 Review

I learned pretty early on from a former colleague, that the majority of gamers today are just casual gamers (this fact is easily proven by simply looking at the games flooding the market today).  The casual gamer really only has a couple of hours a day, if even that, to sit down and play a video game as opposed to gamers like me who will forgo sleep just to play video games.  So, as my former colleague says, all reviews should really be based on the first couple of hours of gameplay because you should know within that time frame whether or not you should continue playing the game, and this is definitely the case with Two Worlds 2.

I have played a ton of glitchy games (Call of Juarez, COD: WAW, COD: MW2, Avatar, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas just to name a few), but some of those turned out to be great games.  Two Worlds 2 will not be put on the great game list.  If you have ever wondered while playing a shit-tastic game if the developers ever actually played their own games, in the case of TW2, the answer is a clear no.

I actually don’t have anything good to say about this game, and if I actually own it I would have destroyed the disc or thrown it off an overpass towards oncoming traffic.  Now for my findings:

  1. The amount of times the game has to stop everything in order to load the next section is downright unbearable.  Even with the game downloaded onto the hard drive it still has to load something every couple of minutes.  I find this unacceptable because there are plenty of other open world games that do not suffer from this problem (Fallout series, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands), at least not to the extremes as this game does.
  2. The graphics are third rate at best for a game that was in production for so long.
  3. The voice acting is horrendous, and worst of all they don’t even have the voices synched properly.
  4. The controls are so bad, to the point that I almost threw my controller at my TV.  I haven’t had that much anger in me while playing a video game since I played pretty much any of the COD games.
  5. Getting on a horse is a trial in and of itself.  I have seen footage from its PC counterpart and everything seems fine, but from the console side it’s a joke.  If I still had the game I would have made a video of it.  On one of the quests you have to ride your horse through checkpoints to retrieve a trophy of sorts and make your way back in 3 minutes.  Too bad the game keeps freezing to load the next section, and then the horse’s stamina always goes into red and you’ll get kicked off and have to waste twenty seconds trying to get back on.  This will happen a bit.
  6. Fighting is a joke, nuff said.
  7. I don’t even understand the story AND there is no recap about the previous game, so anyone new to the franchise will be completely lost.
  8. The interactions with NPCs is retarded.  You’re given a choice of things to say, you choose, and then they repeat it VERBATIM!  What is the point of having him say it if I already read it?

The only good aspect of this game is the landscape.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a great open world RPG like Two Worlds 2, then go with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (which was released in 2007) and you will see a lot of striking similarities.  Don’t bother wasting your money on this game and just wait for Skyrim.

Final Verdict for Two Worlds 2:

1 out of 5

  • Kyle18

    Yea I knew this was going to be bad. Skyrim has nothing to worry about